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  • Good Location
    Lee Garden Guest House is located at the center of the city and the famous Hotel area of Hong Kong - Tsimshatsui, Kowloon. On Cameron Road, where Lee Garden Guest House located, there is an airport bus stop for airport bus No.A21. Therefore going to or coming from the airport is very easy. Taxis are available for 24 hours on Cameron Road. It is extremely easy to hire a taxi on Cameron Road as they pass by all the time.
  • The Tsimshatsui MTR station B exit on Cameron Road at the junction with Nathan Road is only 3 minutes of walking distance away from our doorstep. The Tsimshatsui East MTR station exit on the other side of Cameron Road on Chatham road is also within a very short walk. Therefore it is very convenient to take the MTR subway trains, one of the best and cheapest way of transport in Hong Kong, to go to other parts of the city.
    Tsimshatsui MTR
    MTR outlet on the Cameron Road

    McDonalds and KFC
    Fastfood Fast Food Shops
    Plenty of highly acclaimed restaurants, cafes and bars nearby, ranging from Michelin stars winning to casual dining to local favourites to hole-in-the-wall joints, serving cuisines of many different countries, such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, American, Australian, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Swiss, Irish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Indian, Indonesian foods, as well as fast foods such as McDonalds (opens 24 hours a day), KFC, Delifrance and Pizza Hut.

    Chinese Restaurant

    Japanese Sushi

    From Cameron Road to the most beautiful Victoria Harbour is only a 10 minutes walking distance. When you are in Hong Kong, do not miss to see the beauty of the Victoria Harbour, where you can see the cityscape of Hong Kong Island along the harbour, which in my opinion more spectacular than viewing from the Hong Kong Island side.

    A view of the Victoria Harbour

    Boardway Electronics Shop
    Tsimshatsui is a shopping paradise. Several major shopping centres nearby our guesthouse, such as the Harbour City and Ocean Terminal along the Canton Road, The One, 1881 Heritage, Parklane, New World Center, iSquare, Sogo, Miramar Shopping Centre and K11 etc. Also plenty of banks and money changers available close to us.

  • Safety
    All of our guest houses are licensed guest houses, and have 100% complied with the government regulations on fire safety and building safety. Compare to Chungking Mansion and Mirador Mansion, the people and situation around our guesthouse are far less complicated. To access your rooms, 2 locked doors are needed to get pass with keys we provide after checking in. Building gate is closed after midnight and there is guard men on duty on the ground floor during day time.

  • Reasonable Prices
    Same as other big international cities, expensive land and property value have caused the rent of Hong Kong very high. When compare with local hotels in Hong Kong, the room rate of our two guest houses is only about 1/4 of the hotel rate. And yet we provide better quality accommodations with better management compare to other hostels or guesthouses in our area.

  • Comfort
    The rooms of our guest houses are well kept, newly renovated and very clean, with air-conditioning, spring mattress, 24 hours hot and cold shower, toilet, windows, TV and telephone, and there is a fridge, a microwave oven and a kettle available on each floor of our guest houses. The staff working in our guest houses are very friendly and helpful. We offer complimentary in-room Wifi Internet connection in all of our rooms, also an Internet Kiosk in the lobby.
  • Fax, fridge, microwave, water heater etc are all available in Lee Garden Guest House

    Lee Garden Guest House is definitely your best choice of accommodation in Hong Kong at a low cost!

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